Welcome to Alford Academy A Community School in rural Aberdeenshire

Our Mission Statement: Alford Academy recognises that one size does not fit all.
Our young people are born individuals and should leave school as individuals.
Alford Academy is committed to unlocking each youngster’s potential, raising their aspirations and helping them be all they can be, in a safe, healthy and caring environment.

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Standards and Quality Report 2013-14
Alford Academy Standards & Quality Report for session 2013-14 is now available on the school website for your information.


Parent Council AGM and most recent minutes
Please note Alford Academy Parent Council's AGM will be held on Tuesday 30th September at 7pm in the Academy. The agenda for this meeting is attached
.  The minutes from our previous meeting can be obtained here

Fresher's Fayre Booklet
A list of current clubs groups and activities on offer at Alford Academy and the surrounding communities can be found in the Fresher's Fayre information booklet.  A copy of this can be found by clicking here


Safe Summer In Scotland

Scotland's Acting Chief Medical Officer has issued advice regarding staying safe this Summer in Scotland, covering a range of topics to help ensure we all get the most  out of this summer.  Her letter can be accessed via this link
, and the NHS website by clicking here

Chase Bowl
Events Week - Transition Extreme Consent Form
An electronic version of  the TX Consent form can be downloaded from the school website by clicking here

Spring Newsletter
The Spring newsletter is now available!  Copies can be obtained from the schools website by following this link

Consultation with parents on configuration of school day
The consultation period is now closed. Thanks to all for their participation in this process. All feedback received is now being considered.

Events Week 2014
The events week booklet and individual pupil choice forms (yellow paper) are being issued in registration tomorrow, but are available on the schools website now.  Note the choice form is a generic one for reference only. 

CEOP / Police Scotland
Police Scotland have released a YouTube video showing teenagers react to material they had posted online thinking it was private, and highlighting the need for being aware of the possible consequences.

For those who have not seen the Academy Winter newsletter, a copy can be obtained from the schools website by following this link

Nominations open for Individual Excellence Awards
In advance of the awards Ceremony for 2014, nominations are now being taken for awards for individual excellence.  Paper forms are available in school, but for the first time it is also possible to make nominations online using the form on the schools website.

Consultation on the Pattern of School Term Dates 2015/16 to 2019/20
Aberdeenshire Education, Learning and Leisure Service are currently consulting on the pattern of school term dates for the next five sessions from 2015/16 to 2019/20. We are seeking feedback from parents and carers. The consultation takes the form of  a short online survey which can be accessed by the following link:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/school_termdates.  The consultation runs until Friday 4 April 2014.

Leadership Position Application Forms
The following application forms are now available on the schools website.
S5 Prefect
S6 Prefect
Senior Prefect
House Captain
Vice House Captain
Reference form



Alford Academy Standards and Quality Report (SQUIP) for session 2012-2013 has now been published on the schools website.

S2 into S3 Subject Choice Booklet

An electronic version of the S2 into S3 subject choice booklet is now available on the schools website.

Senior Phase Course Choice Booklet

An electronic version of the 2014-1015 Senior Phase Course Choice booklet is now available on the schools website.  This contains advice on all aspects of the course choice process as well as detailed information on the courses being offered.  Copies of the choice request form can be found here.

New Qualifications - New Opportunities

The SQA have produced two guides to the new National Qualifications, one aimed at learners and one aimed at parents and carers.  Copies can be obtained by following the above links.

Course Choice Evening Invitation Letter

A Copy of the invitation to the parents of S4 5 and 6 pupils which was issued last week via school bag mail is now available on the school website.

Term Dates for 2014-15

The Aberdeenshire document showing the pattern of term dates has been uploaded to the school website for your reference.  Please note that occasional days have not yet been set.

Dress Code Order Forms
Dress Code Order Forms are now available to download from the school website, and can be accessed via this link


S2 into S3 Subject Choice Booklet

This booklet is available to you from January 2014, to assist you in the completion of the ‘S2 into S3 Subject Choice’ consultation process.  It will be updated in early March 2014, to provide you with the information you require to assist with completion of the final S2 into S3 Subject Choice forms from 6 March 2014, in preparation for session 2014-15.

New Resources from NPFS
The National Parents Forum for Scotland
have published two new resources.  The first is part of the nationals in a nutshell series and covers Assessment in National Qualifications
.  The second is Pointers for Parents and Pupils - Resources for learning and revising for National Qualifications.  We are expecting paper copies of both to be made available to parents of S3 and S4 pupils in the near future.

Use of Standardised Assessments in Aberdeenshire Schools

Aberdeenshire have produced a guide on the use of standardised assessments in schools.  Alford use the MidYIS assessments which are administered in S1.

Alford Academy Handbook 2013

Copies of the handbook are available to download from the school website using
this linkThe handbook is designed to inform parents of life at Alford Academy. 

Alford Academy - A Game on Scotland Commonwealth School
Alford Academy is delighted to announce that we have officially been recognised as a Game on Scotland Commonwealth School and can now be found “on the map” via the link.  In doing this, we have also become the first Secondary school in Aberdeenshire to sign up!  Furthermore we are delighted as well that our partners at Bogra Zilla Boys School are now the first school in the whole of Bangladesh to have signed up to the challenge!

Private Fostering - Be Safe, Be Sure
The Scottish Government are currently raising awareness of Private Fostering through their 'Be Safe, Be Sure' campaign.  More information on this can be found on their website.





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Aberdeenshire Council’s Support Directory for Families
Aberdeenshire: Information for parents and carers

Parental Calendar 2014-15
Dates for Your Diary

Wednesday 1 Oct - Tree of Knowledge S1
Thursday 2 Oct - Careers Evening 6:30-8:30 pm.
Friday 3 Oct - Term 1 monitoring letters to parents (S1-S6) tbc
Tuesday 7 Oct - S1 Parent Evening 5-7:30pm
Wednesday 8 Oct - Emergency closure practice P4 - all bus pupils must bring bus passes
Thursday 9 Oct - H History trip
Friday 10 Oct - H History trip
Saturday 25 Oct - Duke of Edinburgh
Sunday 26 Oct - Duke of Edinburgh
Wednesday 29 Oct - S3 Parent Evening 5-7:30 pm

Thursday 6 Nov - YPI Final tbc
Wednesday 12 Nov - PASS Evening (S4-S6) 7 pm
Friday 14 Nov - Children in Need
Monday 17 Nov - In Service. School closed to pupils
Tuesday 18 Nov - In Service. School closed to pupils
Wednesday 19 Nov - In-Service. School closed to pupils
Thursday 20 Nov - Parent Council Meeting 7pm
Thursday 27 Nov - Rotary Young Musician
Saturday 29 Nov - Stadium of Light trip

Friday 5 Dec - S6 Tempest Photo
Monday 8 Dec - S4-S6 Reports issued this week
Tuesday 9 Dec - S3-5 consultation evening. S1 monitoring letter to parents
Thursday 11 Dec - Mid-Winter Evening of Music & Drama
Friday 12 Dec - AH Chem trip tbc
Monday 15 Dec - Junior Xmas Dance
Wednesday 17 Dec - Senior Xmas Dance
Friday 19 Dec - Church Services

Monday 12 Jan - S2 Reports issued this week
Wednesday 14 Jan - S2 Tree of Knowledge
Thursday 15 Jan - S3 Tree of Knowledge
Monday 19 Jan - S4-S6 Assessment Period starts
Tuesday 20 Jan - S2 Consultation Evening tbc.
Thursday 22 Jan - DTP Vaccinations (S3)
Monday 26 Jan - S3 Reports issued this week
Tuesday 27 Jan - Parent Council Meeting 7pm
Friday 30 Jan - S4-S6 Assessment Period ends

Monday 2 Feb - P7 Parent Tours
Monday 9 Feb - P7 Parent Tours
Friday 13 Feb - Occasional Day Holiday
Monday 16 Feb - Mid Term Holiday
Tuesday 17 Feb - In-service. School closed to pupils
Wednesday 18 Feb - In-service. School closed to pupils
Thursday 19 Feb - S3-S5 Curriculum Evening
Friday 20 Mar - S4-S6 monitoring letters issued to parents
Thursday 26 Feb - S4 Parent Evening 5-7:30pm. MMR (S3 pupils)

Tuesday 3 Mar - S5/S6 Parent Evening 5-7:30pm
Thursday 5 Mar - S2 curriculum evening
Friday 6 Mar - S3-S5 curriculum return deadline
Monday 16 Mar - S2 Parent Evening 5-7:30pm
Tuesday 17 Mar - S2 curriculum return deadline
Monday 23 Mar - Parent Council Meeting 7pm
Thursday 26 Mar - HPV Vaccinations (S2 girls)

Thursday 2 Apr - Church Services. End of term.
Friday 3 Apr - Good Friday
Monday 27 Apr - Exam leave starts S4-S6
Tuesday 28 Apr - SQA exams start

Monday 4 May - May Day Holiday
Monday 11 May - S1 Reports issued this week
Tuesday 12 May - P7 Link Day
Monday 18 May - Parent Council Meeting
Tuesday 19 May - S2-S3 monitoring letters issued to parents
Monday 25 May - S3>S4 Work experience week, Duke of Edinburgh

Monday 1 Jun - Occasional Day Holiday
Tuesday 2 Jun - Timetable change S2-6. (SQA exams end)
Thursday 11 Jun - HPV vaccinations (S2)
Monday 15 Jun - P7 Link Week. S4-6 work experience week
Wednesday 17 Jun - P7 Parent Evening 7-8pm. Parent Council Meeting 8pm
Friday 19 Jun - Royal Highland Show
Wednesday 24 Jun - Leavers Ceremony
Thursday 25 Jun - Awards Ceremony

Friday 3 Jul - End of term
Sunday 5 Jul - Zambia trip - dates tbc


ɸ - Experimental electronic parent calendar


Alford Academy is a Green Flag school